Image result for golden star Parsian Ophtalmology Specialized Complex has the most advanced ophthalmic equipment in the field of refractive errors and eye lasers.

Image result for golden star The clinic was the first center in the country to bring Femtosecond’s advanced laser technology into the country and to make it widely available to patients. Other centers in the country after a few years managed to use this technology. The laser is used to perform vision correction such as femtosecond and SMILE. Femtosecond lasers are also widely used in other eye surgeries, such as corneal transplantation.

Image result for golden star We are the first ophthalmologic center of the country to combine the two best-of-the-worlds of the world, Femto-LASIK and the modern Wavefront technology, with the ability to operate LASIK with high precision and security as a “full laser”.

Image result for golden star  For the first time in our country, we have used advanced CXL in patients with cornea.

Image result for golden star For the first time, we were able to introduce the most advanced eximer laser, Schwind AMARIS 1050, and use it to perform laser eyeglasses, especially the full-scale Laser Trans-PRK, and is now at the world record level for this advanced procedure. (Citing the manufacturer).

Image result for golden star This center has the highest rates of laser eye surgery such as LASIK, Femto-LASIK, PRK, and intraocular lenses in the province.

Image result for golden star Parsian clinic doctors with many years of experience in the field of correcting refractive errors and other eye surgeries, and many of these actions for the first time in the province or the country, which some of them we can mention the following:

Image result for golden star Performing thousands of LASIK, PRK, and Femto-LASIK.

Image result for golden starPerforming cataract surgery in new ways such as phaco and full-duplex lenses (Folding).

Image result for golden starUsing a laser device for cataract surgery with insertion of intraocular lenses with a very small incision (2 mm).

Image result for golden starImplementing intra corneal rings such as NTACS and KERA Ring using Femtosecond Llaser.

Image result for golden starThe use of intraocular lenses to correct high refractive errors in patients who are not able to perform laser operations and use conventional eye lenses.

Image result for golden starUsing methods and advanced techniques of various eye diseases such as cataract surgery, glaucoma, strabismus, plastic and cosmetic surgery, retinal diseases and so on.

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