Payizan Glasses Room

Payizan Glasses Shop, which located in the Parsian Clinic under the supervision and quality control of this clinic, serves our clients

Deluxe and standard sunglasses from reputable brands , Making usual and special medical glasses


The sun is harmful to the human eye due to ultraviolet radiation (UV). Sunglasses are beneficial for all people in the community and are essential for those who are exposed to laser or cataract. A sunglasses should be in the form of a glass and a standard form to prevent damage to your eyes. The glasses offered in the glasses booth are standard and reliable at all.

Medical Glasses

These glasses are used to correct eye refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, prenatal and astigmatism. Factors such as the design, quality, and how to make glasses are effective on the quality of the user's vision. The type and quality of the frame play an important role in the quality and durability of the glasses. Providing medical glasses from the Payizan Shop under Parsian Clinic supervision will guarantee its quality. You can also buy special glasses like Progressive from this stall.

Be sure to experience visual pleasure by getting your glasses from the glasses stall, with confidence from your glasses.

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