You will be a suitable candidate for operation if:

  • you are older than 18
  • Your refractive defect (eyeglass number) has not changed significantly over the past one year and has remained almost constant. This means that your vision score should have not changed more than 0.5 diopter,
  • Your vision score should be less than 10 dpt. Nevertheless, if you have hyperopia, your vision score should be less than 5.
  • Your corneal thickness during the measurements should be suitable for correcting your vision score.
  • You should not have severe eye dryness
  • you should be free from important ocular diseases including keratoconus, glaucoma, cataracts, or important general diseases such as rheumatism, lupus, advanced diabetes, and other diseases diagnosed by your physician.

Before the operation, you should inform the treatment team about any disease you have or any drugs that you use.

Preoperative measures

Before the operation, your physician takes history about the situation of your eyes and general health as well as your physical health and the possible medications you use. Therefore, register the requested information in your file. If you have any special disease such as diabetes, thyroid, joint diseases, cardiovascular disease, special ocular diseases such as glaucoma, amblyopia, sensitivity, dry eyes, history of using laser, history of consuming special medications whether in the eyes or orally. Furthermore, for women, if you are pregnant or breast feed, do inform your physician.

Thereafter, precise eye examinations are performed. These examinations include capturing the vision without glasses and with glasses, microscopic examination of external parts of the eyes, examination of the retina, and if required measuring the ocular pressure. The most sensitive stages measuring your vision score, which if required, drops are dropped in your eyes. Thereafter, your vision may become blurry for some time and you may not be able to drive. Therefore, another person should accompany you. Furthermore, your vision score is checked both manually and with computer, bearing in mind that computer is only an assistant and gives an approximate score. The precise and mean score is the one measured and recorded by your physician. Therefore, whether before and after the operation, never rely on the score given by computer, and don’t be obsessed about that. In particular, after the operation the computer does not have the necessary precision. Therefore, you should rely on the measurement performed by her physician and the score they determine for you.

Note that if you use contact lens, you should remove them before the examinations and before the operation. This time for soft and hard lenses is one week and at least two weeks, respectively.

For more information, see the page of the orders before and after the operation in this website.

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