Dear Visitor, you can set the visit time using the following three methods:

     1- Phone Reservation:

Tel :  (+98) 3136644222  -  (+98) 3136616635 - (+98) 3136616549 - (+98) 3136616550

   2- Reservation in person :

From Saturday to Wednesday : 7:30 AM to 16:00 PM Iran Time

Thursday : 7:30 AM to 11:00 PM Iran Time

   3-Website Reservation :

Complete and submit the form below to get visit through the site and wait for a call coordinate with you. Please explain in the form what your request is or your illness, such as an examination or LASIK, corneal examination, cataract, retina, visual examination, or others.


Please note before reservation :

1- You should just reserve by phone call or face to face for LASIK and for filling or imaging and tests performed before surgery you can reserve through the website. After filling and surgeon appointment we’ll give you time.

If your case needs to be reviewed, you can call (+98) 3116621573 and get an overview of the result of your case study by a surgeon. Then you reserve a time.

2- If you need specialist counseling and services, you need to have a previous appointment, which you need to get by phone or face to face or on the Internet.


Reserve Form

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