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About Persian Eye Clinic

Persian Eye Clinic (PEC) is a modern private eye specialty center with a full range of facilities and equipment for diagnosis and treatment of different kinds of eye problems and diseases. It is located in Isfahan city, the capital of Isfahan province in central part of Iran. Persian Eye Clinic was founded in 2004 by Dr. Mohammad Ghoreishi with the goal to provide the latest available technology and techniques in the field of ophthalmology. Dr. Ghoreishi is a well know university professor and eye specialist doctor and surgeon and he is the first doctor to perform Femtosecond Laser surgery and Femto-LKSIK in Iran

At PEC we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality eye care which begins with a professional and caring attitude. With our firm policy, we continue our endeavor to provide excellence vision and maintain our status as the leader in vision care, so that our patients will receive the most efficient and safe treatment and satisfactory services. We are committed to admitting all relevant standards throughout  delivering our services to our esteemed clients. This goal is achieved and guaranteed by continuous effort of our physicians, technicians and staff to adhere to their mission, and by continuous monitoring of the integrity and proper performance of our organization by qualified administrators. In addition to our own internal mechanisms, healthcare authorities and manufacturers of medical devices regularly and periodically  send their representatives and experts to the center to control the quality of services provided at the facility, and this clinic has been approved for quality and excellence.

Why to choose Persian Eye Clinic

At Persian Eye Clinic we use the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and technologies in all fields of ophthalmology, and the services we offer our patients are of world class quality

We are among the high volume surgery centers, as we perform thousands of vision correction surgeries annually, using the most advanced technology available today

This clinic was the first in Iran to offer femtosecond laser technology  and to make it widely available to the patients. Femtosecond laser is used to perform advanced vision correction procedures such as femto-LASIK and SMILE. This lasers is also widely used in other eye surgeries, such as corneal transplantation, intracorneal ring segments implantation and the most advanced cataract surgery

We are the first ophthalmologic center in the country, which combines two of the world's leading technologies, all-laser Femto-LASIK and the modern wavefront technology, to enable us to operate LASIK with a high level of precision, safety and efficacy

We are among the first centers in the world to acquire the most advanced excimer laser machine called Schwind AMARIS 1050. This cutting edge technology is capable of performing laser vision correction procedure at the highest level of safety with unmatched accuracy and precision. By acquiring this technology, we are able to perform non-touch Trans-PRK, which is exclusively performed by this machine. Trans-PRK can be used in most candidates of laser vision correction and is a smart substitution for LASIK and Femto-LASIK, especially in patients who have thin or irregular corneas

Our surgeons and physicians have been selected from among the most expert and experienced ophthalmologists and university professors and our staff are professionally trained and customer oriented

With a comprehensive setting, we offer full range of diagnostic and therapeutic service in one site, which include but are not limited to: all kinds of eye examinations and prescriptions, almost all kinds of diagnostic images, the majority of laser therapies and ophthalmic surgeries

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