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Persian Eye Clinic and Laser Center

 Persian Eye Clinic and Laser Center was established by a group of university professors and leading specialists in Isfahan to provide modern ophthalmology services using latest techniques and technologies, especially in the field of eye laser therapy and cataract surgery. This center has the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and provides high-quality services.

We have always tried to update our knowledge and equipment and provide the best facilities for our esteemed clients.

Many of the services at this center are provided for the first time in Isfahan Province, and some for the first time in Iran.

The course of admission of patients in the clinic is such that the patient is examined first by an optometrist and the tests are carried out with the latest available equipment from his or her eye and recorded in the case.

The patient is then examined by a specialist and his examinations are completed.

If necessary, the specialist consultation is done and the case is finally controlled by the doctor, and after confirmation, the patient becomes a candidate.

On the day of surgery, the patient is examined by a surgeon and then subjected to surgery.

 This process, although it may be time consuming for the patient, will ultimately end in his benefit, since in different stages, the findings and examinations of the patient will be monitored and his examinations and his case will be completed in each case.

Attempted to observe all relevant standards during and after operation, and to monitor the accuracy and integrity of the operation with the qualitative supervision of specialized physicians as well as technicians and engineers of the device manufacturer. In addition to monitoring internal engineers, machine-building companies regularly and periodically send their experts from abroad to the center and, while controlling the steps taken, confirms the quality of services provided at the facility and this clinic as a Exemplary and Advanced Center is approved.

Currently, a group of top doctors and eye surgeons work at the center and provide all ophthalmologist services with high quality to respectable clients.

Departments and Floors

Ground floor: Reception, Archive, Telephone, In-Room, Coffee Shop, Glasses Store

First floor: Reception 2nd - Clinics with eye examination

Second floor: Imaging section, Retina clinic, Retina laser

Third floor: LASIK and FTMO rooms

Fourth floor: Chamber of surgery

Fifth Floor: Surgical Preparation Section, CSR Section

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