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About Persian Eye Clinic

Persian Eye Clinic (PEC) is a modern private eye specialty center with a full range of facilities and equipment for diagnosis and treatment of different kinds of eye problems and diseases. It is located in Isfahan city, the capital of Isfahan province in central part of Iran. Persian Eye Clinic was founded in 2004 by Dr Mohammad Ghoreishi with the goal to provide the latest available technology and techniques in the field of ophthalmology. Dr Ghoreishi is a well know university professor, experienced eye specialist doctor and surgeon. He completed his fellowship at Harvard Medica School. Professor Ghoreishi was the first doctor to perform Femtosecond Laser surgery and Femto-LKSIK in Iran.

At PEC we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality eye care which begins with a professional and caring attitude. We have always tried to enhance our knowledge, technology and expertise to provide the best facilities for our esteemed clients. Many of the services at this center are provided for the first time in Isfahan province, and some for them for the first time in Iran.

The process of admission of patients in the clinic is such that the patient is initially examined by an experienced optometrist and necessary tests are carried out. The patient is then seen by a specialist and his or her examinations are completed and necessary images and tests are ordered. If necessary, subspeciality consultation is proposed for farther evaluation. After completing all necessary evaluations, the best treatment option will be offered to the patient. Regarding these meticulous works, the process is usually time consuming, but the patient should appreciate the benefits and value of the whole process.

Currently, a group of highly qualified specialist and subspecialist doctors are working with us and provide world class services to our respectable clients. We are constantly committed to observing all relevant standards and admitting all safety measures in our practice. The accuracy and integrity of our system is constantly monitored by our internal quality controlling system as well as health care authorities and manufacturers of medical devices that we are using.

Sections and Floors

Ground floor: Main Reception, Archives, Call Center, Optical Shop

First floor: Reception 2, Clinics, Examination Rooms, Optometry

Second floor: Imaging section, Retina clinic, Retina laser

Third floor: LASIK and Femtosecond Laser Suit

Fourth floor:  Operation Rooms

Fifth Floor: Ward and Surgical Preparation Section, CSR, VIP Room

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