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Zayandeh Rood Ophthalmology Specialist Clinic

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The Persian Ophthalmic Complex

consists of two specialized ophthalmic complexes:

1-Persian Laser Center

2- Zayandeh Rood Specialist Eye Clinic

Just surgical operations can be done in ophthalmolmic clinics, and these centers do not include diagnostic and therapeutic examination clinics. In view of the wide-ranging objectives of the Parsian Ophthalmology Complex, we decided to establish a center for the provision of wider specialized ophthalmology services, and given that we could not have these services in the form of a limited surgical center. By continouos efforts and with the consent of the relevant authorities, we received a license to set up an ophthalmolmic clinic and founded this center as Zayandeh Rood Specialized Clinic for the first time in the province. Now all outpatient diagnostic and therapeutic services and specialized ophthalmology services in eye clinic will be presented to dear customers. Currently, both the Persian Eye Surgery Center and the Zayandeh Rood Eye Specialized Clinic are located in one set.

Specialized Clinics

By an eye specialist examinations and necessary tests done for Patients

Super Specialty Clinics

Anterior segment clinic - posterior segment clinic - Clinic of glaucoma - Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Eye Beauty - Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Clinic

Diagnostic services

Types of topography - Pachymetry - Specular Microscope - Types of Aberrometry - Retinal Angiography - Perimetry - Biometry - Ultrasound of the eye and URM - Photography

Therapeutic Services

LASIK - P.R.K - LASEK & Femto Lasik - Retinal lasers - Prescribing soft, hard and hybrid contact lenses - all eye surgeries

Zayandeh Rood Ophthalmology Clinic includes a set of specialized ophthalmology clinics as follows:

Ophthalmology Specialized Clinics :

All eye diseases are referenced to ophthalmic clinics and are examined and treated by an eye specialist and, if needed, will be reffered to an outpatient clinic.

Super Specialty Eye Clinics :

In these clinics, experienced specialist examine patients and provide advanced diagnostic and therapeutic actions. These clinics include the following clinics:

- Anterior segment clinic: includes cornea, corneal transplantation, keratoconus, Lasic, PRK, LASEK and femtoseclothes, cataracts and femto cataract.

- The posterior segment clinic includes retinal, vitreous, diabetes, retinal therapeutic laser and neuroleptic vascular disease (neurological diseases)

- Clinic of glaucoma or black water

- Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Eye Beauty

- Ophthalmic Clinic and Strabismus (ocular deviations)

- Ophthalmic Clinics: Examination of vision and prescription glasses, using various types of contact lenses such as soft, hard, turquoise lenses, new lenses, hybridization, examination and treatment of amblyopia.

Diagnostic services :

In Ophthalmic Clinic, a variety of outpatient diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided, as follows:

- Types of topography: Color photographs of the cornea to detect corneal diseases and prepare patients for lasik and PRK

- Pachymetry to measure corneal thickness

- Specular Microscope: Photographing and counting internal corneal cells

- Types of Aberrometry in order to investigate and measure the optical distortion of the eye

- Retinal Angiography (fluorescein and ICG)

- Perimetry: Measuring the field of vision

- Biometrics: Measure the number of intraocular lenses

- Ultrasound of the eye and URM: Perform ultrasound of the posterior and anterior parts of the eye

- Photograph: Photographing from the outer parts of the eye

Therapeutic Services :

- Perform all visual corrective actions such as LASIK, PRK, LASEK, and Femto Lasik

- Performing retinal lasers in diabetic patients and other diseases

- Prescribing soft, hard and hybrid contact lenses

- Acceptance and examination of patients for all eye surgeries