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Persian Vision science Research Center

Research Center

Introducing the center

Isfahan Persian Ophthalmology Research Center as the research support of Persian Eye Clinic initiated its diverse and broad activities from November 2011 to move in line and aligned with the shining and accelerating course of ophthalmology and scientific data of the knowledge world.

This dynamic and knowledge-based research center, for tracking novel research and producing and exchanging the latest knowledge of ophthalmology as the driving force of Persian clinic has focused its activities in the 10 following areas and offer them to interested individuals:

  1. defining, designing, and approving novel research in ophthalmology
  2. reviewing and collecting the latest scientific and research findings of the ophthalmology world
  3. developing practical and constant communication between research arenas and applied areas of ophthalmology
  4. designing and jointly implementing knowledge-based research in novel ophthalmology with cooperation of respective centers
  5. designing scientific seminars of ophthalmology as well as scientific and effective participation in relevant congresses
  6. designing and organizing knowledge promoting workshops in ophthalmology across different levels
  7. identifying and absorbing the elites of ophthalmology across the province and the country
  8. designing and developing the comprehensive Atlas of novel ophthalmology
  9. presenting scientific and advisory services to interested students and ophthalmologists
  10. creating the first virtual research center of ophthalmology in the province in cyberspace

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The most important activities of Parsian ophthalmology clinic research center :

  • research on refractive surgery
  • research on anterior segment and corneal diseases
  • research on posterior segment and retinal diseases
  • organizing one-day educational seminars
  • organizing educational workshops and meetings to promote the scientific levels of the clinic optometrists and ophthalmologists
  • developing scientific objectives and presenting design and proposal to proceed research objectives
  • updating and composing scientific texts of the website of the clinic