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With Beautiful Memories

International Patient Department - IPD

Introduction of IPD (International Patients Department) Services

Persian Eye Clinic started its activity in 2004 by founding the first subspecialty eye clinic on Mir Street, in Isfahan, in Iran.

Some of our clients

  • The operating rooms are equipped with the most advanced ophthalmology equipment
  • Equipped and updated inpatient ward
  • Paiizan Glasses Shop
  • Ground floor reception
  • Zayandeh Rood Specialist Ophthalmology Clinic
  • Persian Imaging Center
  • Persian Laser Center

In Persian Eye Clinic experienced subspecialists of ophthalmology perform different kinds of eye examinations and treat patients. This ophthalmology center offers a full range of services from pretreatment diagnostic and basic eye examinations, imaging and optometric examinations to advanced eye surgeries such as corneal transplantation.

Persian Eye Clinic is the first private subspecialty eye hospital in Iran. It has facilities like referral system, subspecialty consultation services, knowledgeable and highly experienced team of ophthalmologists, modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and in a beautiful and peaceful environment offers a full range of ophthalmology services to patients. Due to having the pioneering technology and cutting-edge scientific techniques, Persian Eye Clinic becomes the superior ophthalmology center in Iran and the Middle East.

Persian Eye Clinic is the first private hospital in Iran that offers all modern equipment, world-class technology and LASIK laser eye surgery and other refractive surgical procedures, and all extraocular and intraocular surgeries in an exclusive ophthalmic center.

Specialty Clinics

Services for the treatment of Keratoconus , Uveitis, Retina, Amblyopia, Dry Eyes Clinic Specialty.

Specialty Paraclinics

Laser therapy Clinic, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Eye Angiography, Pentacam Clinic, Perimetry Clinic, IOLMaster Clinic, Topography Clinic, ERG and Ophthalmic Electrophysiology, and various types of eye scans Clinics.

Operation Rooms

Persian Eye Clinic has a collection of “LASIK (refractive errors correction)” and “intraocular” operating rooms. Both groups of operating rooms of Persian Eye Clinic are equipped with cutting- edge surgical technology to serve patients. In LASIK (refractive errors correction) operating rooms, LASEK surgery, Femto- LASIK surgery, UVX surgery (collagen cross linking) are performed. In intraocular operating rooms of Persian Eye Clinic, traditional cataract surgery, femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery, vitrectomy, glaucoma surgery, blepharoplasty, strabismus surgery, and other types of eye surgery are performed.