Which operation is more suitable for you?

Although the variety of these operations have helped the physician to choose from different options for patients, due to their complexities, they cause confusion for some patients. Our recommendation is that you rely on your physician to choose the type of operation. The physicians of Parsian clinic with several years of experience and the wide facilities they have available can suggest the best method that is suitable for your eyes. Nevertheless, in order to clarify your mind, we present some points about the choice of type of operation.

Generally, we can divide eye laser operation into two groups: surface and deeper. PRK and trans-PRK are among the surface operations, while Femtolasik and SMILE belong to the group of deep operations. Each of these operations has its own advantages and downsides, and one cannot claim which one is best. On the other hand, the long-term outcomes of all these operations are the same. The advantage of surface operations is that a layer (flap) of cornea is not removed and the strength of cornea is less damaged, and therefore the long-term safety of these operations is greater than that of other operations. However, the problem with these operations is that due to the need for corneal healing, regaining vision is slower and the patient has eye sores and discomfort for some days. Further, in high scores, there is possibility of corneal turbidity even in rare cases. In deeper operations such as Femtolasik and SMILE, vision is regained faster, and the pain and burning sensation after the operation are also less. However, as a layer of the cornea is removed, the strength of cornea decreases and rarely in the long run some problems develop. Further, the flap may be damaged in response to hard hits to the eye.

Overall, if you have a thin cornea or your cornea is suspicious in the images, PRK and Trans-PRK are preferred for you, with the latter having more advantages. However, if your cornea is thick enough, the captured images are normal, and your vision score is high, Femtolasik or SMILE operations are preferred for you. If all of the operations could be performed for you, it is better to choose Trans-PRK, but if you need quick recovery of vision, femto or SMILE is better. If due to corneal thickness or high scores none of the abovementioned operations are suitable for you, intraocular lens option is suggested to you, provided that in the investigations, your eye anterior chamber depth should be enough.

What are operations such as optimize, customize, and tissue saving and what are their relationship with PRK, LASIK, etc.?

These techniques are related to the second stage of operation. In the first stage, we use PRK, LASIK, or Femtolasik, and prepare the cornea of the patient for laser operation. At the stage of laser, we are also equipped with special facilities such as optimize, customize, and tissue saving in order to create the best possible stating cornea and perform visual correction and the vision diopter score desirably.

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