Optometry is one of the fields related to ophthalmology, where the optometrist performs part of the ophthalmology services either in cooperation with an ophthalmologist or independently sometimes.

In Parsian clinic, with the cooperation of the experienced optometry staff and the top optometrists of the province, all optometric services both diagnostic and therapeutic are performed here.

These services include:

  • measuring the level and field of vision
  • measuring the vision score and prescribing different glasses including unifocal, multifocal, progressive, and pediatric glasses
  • measuring and prescribing contact lenses (invisible glasses) from different types including soft lenses, hard, multifocal, hybrid, scleral, mini-sclera, and therapeutic contact lenses
  • measuring and prescribing glasses with prism
  • determining the chromatic vision using standard charts
  • imaging different parts of eyes
  • diagnosing and treating amblyopia
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