Mr. Doctor Mohammad Qureishi, Iran Ophthalmology top teachers of 2018
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Persian Eye Clinic and the Laser Center have been established to provide modern & ophthalmology services, especially in the field of eye laser therapy, by a group of university professors and prominent national experts in Isfahan. Currently, the center has the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and the services offered are qualitatively very favorable. We have always tried to update our knowledge and equipment and provide the best facilities for our esteemed clients. Many of the services provided at the center for the first time in the province, and some of them are offered to patients for the first time in the country.

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QUESTION: Hi, I was asking Doctor whether it is harmful for women who have undergone surgery to have natural childbirth ?
It is true that natural chldbirth is thought to lead to blindness for women undergoing surgery. Please answer me honestly

Answer: Although this idea is fairly common among people and even some respectable gynecologists, they are not science-based, and in the field of ophthalmology, those who are suffering from myopia and other eye disorders, both before and after surgery is not constrainted. And they will not be harmed.

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The subject of the day

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day

Diabetes and its ocular complications

Diabetes ocular complications are preventable, provided that:

- Diabetes is diagnosed early.

- Its ocular complications are detected early.

- Check for eye problems as soon as you diagnose diabetes.

- Your blood glucose is well controlled ...

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